update DLI number in Canada

once you have changed college you have to update DLI number

many of international students may have to change their colleges , there can be several reasons behind that

this post will help you with all details related to this

fist of all check the following posts so you can avoid mistakes for choosing a college

click here for how to  choose college 

which college you should choose in Canada ?

click here for preferred colleges list by international students

Preferred College by Students

click here for DLI LIST

Update you DLI number with the help of this post before that you must have your gc key account if you do not have please create one by clicking here

Register your own IRCC CIC GC KEY account

then click here for sign in to gc key account and after sign in just follow all following  steps

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click Transfer from DLI number under the section Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer.Image of Transfer from DLI number button, as described above.
  3. Enter your study permit application number and click Search for my application.  this application number is on your study permit ‘s top right corner Image of application number field and button, as described above.
  4. Enter more details about your original study permit application, if required. This information will help us identify your application.fill the all information here for old college and programImage of additional information fields, as described above.
  5. Enter your new DLI number, your new Student ID number, and your start date at your new school. Click Submit transfer. this information is for you new college Image of information fields and button, as described above.
  6. Review the details of your transfer. If all the information is correct, click Confirm TransferImage of transfer details and button, as described above.
  7. Read the confirmation that your request is complete. This confirms that you’ve notified us that you’ve changed post-secondary schools. Click Go to main account page to return to your account. You can now sign out.
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