Register Business Corporation in Canada

Register business in Canada is easy first I am gonna show information to  register business in Canada

there are 2 types of business registrations available

Federal   AND Provincial

there is difference in both of these

registering business within Province (Ontario) means you just wanna run business within province

and any one can use your business name out of that province

and if you register for business in Canada then you business name is only yours you can use it anywhere in Canada

so lets begin for Canada’s federal business registration

first click here to visit government’s website

Choose your business type

To learn about your registration requirements and start the registration process, choose your planned business type:

choose one of these

for example choose corporation for trucking companies etc.

we are showing you all steps for registering  a corporation online so will get a idea and you can do it for any of above options

Incorporating federally

When you incorporate federally, you get many of the other registrations you need at the same time. As part of the federal incorporation process, you can get:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Federal business number
  • Federal corporation income tax program account
  • Option to register for other federal tax accounts, such as GST/HST, payroll, import/export
  • Option for extra-provincial or extra-territorial corporation registration

click here

click on Incorporate  button

they will charge you $200 dollars if applying online and $250 if applying by mail

click on custom incorporation if wanna register by name of business

and press next

fill all details

press next



choose related industry to your business

and fill all additional information that what you will be selling etc.

and it will show you other similar names

press next


click on Proceed Payment

once payment is approved you will get an email receipt with the name or number of your corporation

press next

and fill all the details and choose all options very carefully

and you can add individual partners if you want

if yes click on add individual

press next

then add addresses and names of directors

again click on pdf and download it and review all details

and follow all steps

but if you closed windows by any chance the you will need to do everything  again but as you already paid fee for corporation name then you will get an email with your request id and another email within 2-3 days to confirm your proposed name for corporation once you get confirmation email then you can

click here

click on Incorporate  button

they will charge you $200 dollars if applying online and $250 if applying by mail

click on custom incorporation if wanna register by name of business

and press next

fill all details

press next


and choose already  approved  by Corporations Canada

and fill request id and confirmation number as we already told you that you will get it in the email you have provided with in 2-3 business days after your request

and choose all answers

and next option will be minimum and maximum number of directors

choose according to you 1 is minimum but if you are 2 partners choose 2 and choose maximum whatever you want

choose one and answer next questions and add names on corporation if only you are the owner add just your name

and fill business is address if do not have any just put your residential address

and then next option will be to add director’s names

fill name of director and choose residential  address for each director and add phone number

and click on add if you want to add more directors

and fill all details again


press next

click on form 2 to get form in pdf

and click confirmation button  confirm details

press next

add email

to get annual reminders to file taxes and renewals

press next

and next step is provincial registration

which is optional

and free in Ontario

choose it or choose proceed to payment if you do not want to register in province

we will register and choosing Ontario

press next


choose business activity and fill all details

press next

click on proceed

and choose yes

choose payment method

once payment is approved you will get option to print receipt or email choose both and continue

and once its done you will get confirmation email and  number


and fill all the steps

How to make changes and pay annual return for corporation ? 

click here

you will see all  these options


you have to file annual return manually by using this tool

annual return is not tax return 

annual return means you have to pay annual fees for Canada inc. corporation to keep your business running to file 

click on file annual return button


then fill number or corporation name and press search

then it will show you status (active)


business  number

business address

if its your  click on next

again click on next

then fill your full name

email address and phone number

click next

as you can see in following window

its written over due means you have missed a annual payment

thats totally fine you can pay now

as you can see its written in anniversary date  its written 03-25(we will need it in next step)

fill year of filling for example 2021 if you missed for 2021

then fill  anniversary date in annual meeting

choose options

and fill your name and phone number in authorization

and press next

click on i confirm and you will see a pdf file  with all details of your corporation you  can download it

press next you have fill email address  also you can choose reminders if you do not wanna miss anniversary date

then click in proceed button to make payment

and then you can choose to email confirmation receipt

once you get confirmation

its all done

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