wanna get Law and enforcement or Policing job?

if you want to serve community then Law and enforcement is the best option for you and you can choose policing

in any kind of industry or sector  you can serve community in many ways even if you are working in hospital,  long term-health care, Trucking industry, restaurants etc. but today we are here with most important information for Law and enforcement jobs and especially policing

as you know police  serve community at various sectors

to protect community and catch criminals and more

but if you also wanna serve in policing you should work on following 

first of all requirements

there are many requirements you have to meet to be a police officer

and requirements can be different in all regions

but few are similar and few things can you help you to be police officer

you should work on

1. strong communication skills

both written and verbal

if you can speak and write multi languages then it will be helpful

2. security guard’s experience 

if you have security guard’s license

then you must work in malls, casinos, bars, hospitals etc.

wherever you can get experience to handle critical situations and to arrest someone

for that you should have use of force and security guard’s license click here if you do not have this

3. education requirements

most of police jobs required diploma or 12th grade

but if you are graduated it also can be helpful

if you wish to study please study criminology, justice studies, law, forensic science

there is now specific degree required you can do any degree according to your interest

but these degrees can be helpful in policing job

4. immigration status

police job you must be Permanent resident OR  Canadian citizen 

5. most important is volunteer 

if you planning to go to policing job then you must serve community as a volunteer

check website of any police department, there are many volunteer opportunities available all the time

and also

you can serve in library

you can serve at any community centre and religious place such as Church, Gurudwara , Temple OR ANYWHERE

you can serve in long or short term health care

you can also can find volunteer positions available in the website of any police department you are interested in

its not necessary to do part-time or full-time

even you do 2 hours a week that’s fine this indicates that you really wanna serve community

just get in written from the organization

6. Health

you must be healthy and physically fit and mentally prepare

for all testes and requirements and training

and to perform all duty tasks

and more

7. Driver’s license

you must have full driver’s license with no restrictions

click here to get Ontario driver’s license

Now click followings links for different police departments of Canada to get more information

RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police

PEEL POLICE peel regional police 

OPP Ontario Provincial police


montreal police

Winnipeg Police Service  

Toronto Police

Surrey police 

Vancouver police department 

and google for more police departments

and check the website of police department in which you are interested in

and check all requirements and recruitment process

so check their websites for more updates

and apply online if you are eligible

please make sure apply only when you feel that you are fully ready and eligible for the position

and we want you to serve Canadians

in anyway you can

thank you for reading

if this post is helpful please leave comment and share

and click here for more

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