Apply for visitor or super visa with new IRCC portal

do you need to apply for visitor visa or super visa through new IRCC portal

please follow all these steps

click here to learn more about immediate or extended family member and more details about this public policy

first you will need to choose options for visitor visa then you will get options for all visas such as super visa, transit visa etc.

and you can apply for your family members by your self

so lets come to the point

click here

choose your option

then you will see apply button as you can see in the picture

choose  your option again

click on sign up 

then in the new window click on get an IRCC portal

then you have to fill email address and confirm it

then click on Get invitation code

then code will appear on the screen

copy the code

and click on continue to IRCC portal sign up page

the you will need to fill that invitation code

email address and fill password two times to confirm

and fill all details such as name phone number etc.

and click on sign up

and you will get an email with the verification code

confirm the code

and your email will be verified

now you can sign in with the same email and password in the same window

or by clicking here

then click on accept

click on start an application link for visitor visa transit visa etc.

click on i acknowledge

and start application

choose yes if applying for more than one person

for example if applying for both parents

then you need to choose one of the followings

and click on save and continue

you can click on add member as many applicants you want to add

or click continue if you do-not want to add anymore

now you can choose for super visa, visitor visa or any other type

choose your option again

fill all details and click on save and continue

please choose dates for more than 6 months if applying for Super visa

click here to learn more about super visa income requirements etc,

and choose all answers according to you

please check in the picture

you will have to complete all these steps 

and pay the fees and submit the file

please note

if you will be unable to open any form or application form

and following error message is on the screen


then you need to download adobe acrobat pro on your laptop or pc


thank you for reading if this post helped you please leave comment and share


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