Invitation Letter and supporting documents

Invitation Letter

the person who is inviting you to this visit he/she will provide you invitation letter

it includes their name, full address , job and income details, saving bank funds details, reason for inviting you, and a declaration that you will return back by end of this visit, and they have a owned or rental suitable accommodation for you

this letter also includes the name, passport number and address of the person to whom they are inviting

you can get this letter from any notary they will also stamp it usually they charge $30

if the person who is inviting is currently a student

then he/she will also get an enrolment letter from college

if their studying is going to be finish and they are inviting you to join them on convocation

then they should get a invitation letter from college



2. job letter 

job letter or pay stubs

3. Tax documents

last years tax summary

4. proof of address 

driver’s license or any other id with address

5. bank statement

you can get it online from your online banking

6. Balance certificate

you have to go to bank for this

you will ask them to get your account balance certificate it is includes your name address account balance

and signed or stamped by bank manager

7. SOP click here to learn more about statement of purpose

once you have all these things ready you can apply for you family members or friends using our website

choose what kind of visa you are applying for and follow all steps click here to start an application

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