Improve your credit score and fix mix and match credit

What is a credit score and how credit get mix and match with someone else

credit score is a number showing your performance towards your credit profile

it is include all reports of your credit cards, bills like phone etc, loans , mortgages , or any payments with the due date

so mixture of all credit reports , credit score is a conclusion.

we will explain mix and match of credit reports  at end first read this for credit score and cards

why credit score and history is important?

its very important because if you have good standing credit history and credit score

you can get any loan approved very easily

if you are walking in the shopping mall you like and phone, laptop etc. even if you like any vehicle and even you do not have any amount of money with you just give them your id and credit card if you have a good credit score and history you will get approved for that loan

and its also very important when you need to get mortgages from bank to buy a house or start a business

and also if you wish to get a apartment or house on rent or car on rent or you apply for job they may also ask you for good standing credit

your record is everything keep it clean and in good standings

how it works 

if you are making payments on time or before due date of payment then you are good

but here also we make mistake if we make full payment

because there is required a minimum payment on due date if you pay full amount of credit than it does not report for example these 3 circumstances

you have used $100 from your credit card

and you get statement balance with the minimum payment of $10 due on day 10 of next month

but you paid $100 even before due date then it will not effect your credit score even not good or bad

it will not increase or decrease your credit score in upcoming credit score report

but if you make payment of $20, $50,$90 or any amount which is more than a minimum payment amount and less than full amount than it will reflect in your credit report in positive manner

means your credit score will go higher in upcoming report

if your minimum due payment is $10 but you did not make it or made late payment or less than due payment than it will effect your Credit score in negative manner you will see your credit score decreasing

in upcoming report

so what you must not do if you want to to build your credit and improve credit score

must make payments on time more than due and less than full amount

must not make late payments

must not use more than 70% of credit limit 

its very important check this example

if you have $1000 credit limit and you used $800, $900 or $1000 and even you make full payment of used amount same day your credit score gonna be decrease

so don’t do this mistake

try to use maximum 75% of credit limit not more than that

must get more than 2 credit cards

if you get more than 2 credit cards you can not take care properly to maintain payments on time

if you miss any payment it gonna affect your credit score badly

so try to keep maximum 2 credit cards

you can also get 2 or more cards from just one bank

yes you need you can increase credit limit on existing cards just contact with card provider

which credit cards you must not apply for

you must not apply for any credits cards from stores for example Wal_art , Canadian T_RE

because any store credit or master cards can spoil your credit score very fast

try to get from just banks


if you missed a payment or you made late payment one or two days

banks usually do not care about it but stores report it

so your credit score again gonna decrease

what kind of cards you should apply for

you can get one visa credit card and one MasterCard because there are many things you can do with only specific cards so you can you these 2 at most of the places

Do not close credit accounts

never close credit accounts until you have a great credit history and great credit score

we recommend you do not close even if you have good standing credit history

for example

you have 5 credit cards and you closed all

then your credit history not gonna be put god impact in report

even it will be hard to get card again

what you can do is just do not use cards if you have more than 2

use only 2 cards and stop using others

it will be helpful

once you have deleted credit accounts its gonna be problem for your credit report

how to fix bad credit score

do not do many credit checks

when ever you apply for credit card or trying to get any loan even try to get a device on monthly instalment basis then also they run a credit check if you do these things each time your credit score gonna be 10-20 points within minutes and it can take up-to 2 months to add 20 points in your credit score

if you have already any credit card

then use it less than  70% and make payments on time

use credit card everywhere not debit 

only credit card and bills can improve your credit history and score

if you closed account or your bank denied to issue you credit card not to worry you can apply for secured credit card

what’s secured credit card?

if your credit history is bad or have low credit score then bank can issue secured credit

to get secured credit card you have to put upfront amount of credit limit you want basically its your own money you give to bank and you get a credit card of that amount

its only for improve credit score and build a good standing credit history

so you can use it and make payments on time then they will give you unsecured credit card later on

and once you get it you can get your money back for secured credit card

from where you can get secured credit card

from your bank usually TD bank , Scotia bank etc. provide secured credit card you have to contact your bank for that

or you can get secured master card from Capital One and you can do it online

follow these steps

for that click here


and click on check now

fill all the details

confirm your loans or credit cards etc to verify your self

and apply online

then they will send you email

and again email once its approved with your secured credit limit

once you get the email they will ask you to pay upfront amount of secured credit limit

then once you made payment

you will get email notification as well and a secured credit card in the mailbox

and pin for that card in separate mail

once you get card activate it and start using it and make payments on time and use less than 70% of credit limit after few months your credit score will be go up and  they will give you offer for unsecured credit limit once you accept it

you credit limit will be increased and you will see a positive change in the credit reports

we wish you all the best to improve your credit score back into good standings

Mix and match Credit

when you go to bank to apply for credit card or get any loan etc. sometime they says you already have a loan under your name and you get shocked even you have no idea what’s thy are talking about

it can also happen even when you just came to Canada

why it happens?

because our names are similar specially Punjabi , Indian  and Pakistani names

we are also of Raman, Jaswinder, Aman ,  Ali, Rahul etc.

and most of us use Singh and Kaur ,Khan etc. as a last name on documents

so it makes it more complicated and date of birth also matches many times

how to fix it

first get accurate information about this dispute if you are not sure you can also request a copy of your credit report once a year for free from Equifax

If you believe the information on your credit report has been mixed with that of someone else, you should submit a dispute with all of the credit bureaus that have incorrect information on your credit reports.

When submitting your dispute, identify the information that does not belong to you. This may include addresses, other identification information, and credit accounts.

You’ll need to provide documentation to verify your identity.  The documents required will depend on the information you are disputing, but required information may include:

  • Your full name, including middle name and suffix, such as Jr., Sr., II, III
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your current address, including apartment number if applicable

If you think you know who the incorrect information belongs to, such as a relative, please let the credit bureau know since that may help them resolve your dispute faster.

For more information on how to submit a dispute with the three nationwide credit bureaus, click here.

choose Equifax 

and register an account


fill all details in the report form and submit a dispute

you will provide all details about what loan you have and what’s dispute is

and they will request you for copies of your documents once you provide then they will fix it

if you do not get response you can also call or email

once they have provided you claim or case or report number then keep that for your records and you can follow up by providing that number

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