Get, Renew or Restore security guard’ license and use of force

this post will help you to get or renew or restore expired security guard’s license and to get Use of force training

as you know licensing is very important in Canada and we told you earlier how you can get more job offers

so this post will help you to get security guard’s license and use of force certificate

so you can find easy job very easily and obviously at good wages

so many of you have may have already security guard’s license but not use of force

please Note once you have security guard’s License and you got hired then few security companies provide use of force for free

if not then follow these steps

so first we gonna tell you how to get use of force and then we will talk about security guard’s license step by step

if you do not want use of force you can skip it and move to security guard’s license

use if force

so once you have security guard’s license

then also you do not have any authority to detain someone

but If you have Use of force and handcuffing training then you can according to circumstances and according to your employer’s policy

and if you have use of force certificate then your employer will pay you higher amount of wages

Anyone working or seeking employment in law enforcement will benefit from this training.

Individuals who would like to advance their skills and job opportunities.Organizations seeking to train multiple staff at a reduced to get use of forceyou have to get training for that in-person or onlineit docent really matters that how you get it but if you have a valid certificate of use of force that is really matters

search for use of force in google if you want to get training

for today we are going to tell you how you can get training online

please note you can choose any other website or agency who provides you a certification for use of force

click here to open website for this training

and you have to pay for training everywhere

choose course which you need

for use of force choose Online Use of Force and Handcuffing Training 

or you can just click here

click on add to cart

and then

click on view cart


click on proceed to checkout

then you will have to make payment and you will get an email with username

then you can have full access to this course

and here the more information about course


  • Lectures11
  • Quizzes1
  • Duration8 hours
  • Skill levelAll levels
  • LanguageEnglish
  • AssessmentsSelf

once you got successful in the course then they will issue a certificate

and then you can apply for any job where its required

How to get security guard’s license

it can be different in other provinces if you need information about any specific province leave us comment we will post

but here is All details of Ontario’s security guard’s license

first you need to find any security training  company

then you will need to do 1-2 days training it will also includes your CPR certificate for first aid

once you pay to company and got training then they will issue a TCN training completion number

and a CPR certificate

once you got it

they will also provide you booklets with questions and answers

then you must read those and book test when ever you are ready

then you will have to book and pay fee for security guard’s test

you have to book this test online click here to book

and click on start online booking

then you will see all the steps you have to complete

then you have to click on small box and click continue

then you have to fill TCN number and date of birth

then enter your email and phone number

then choose city where you wish to take exam or online

please note for few cities where testing centres are still close you can do it online

just choose online if it allows you to continue

otherwise choose your city or nearest city

then just click on agree

and click on book and pay

for Ontario Security guard’s test     is 75.15

if you failed then again you can book by same process as many times you need it but you have to pay fees each time

if you got successful

congratulations now your next step is

Apply for Security guard or private investigator licence (individuals)

if you need to renew or restore your expired license or applying first time you can follow these all steps

click here for link first

1.  photo of yourself

  • not a ‘selfie’
  • 50 mm wide by 70 mm high

2. Prove your identity and eligibility to work in Canada

  1. One piece of ID that proves your identity (including your full legal name, photo, signature and date of birth).
  2. A second piece of ID that proves your eligibility to work in Canada. You cannot submit the same piece of ID for both.

Acceptable documents

List 1 – choose one

Choose one ID from the following list (which includes your full legal name, date of birth, signature and photo) to prove your identity:

  • valid driver’s licence
  • any valid passport
  • Ontario Photo Card
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (card with photo)
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Canadian Department of National Defence Identification Card (issued within the last five years)
List 2 – choose one

Choose one ID from the following list to prove your eligibility to work in Canada:

  • Canadian birth certificate
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Canadian passport
  • Permanent Resident Card/Confirmation of Permanent Residence
  • Naturalization card (issued before January 1, 1974)
  • valid work permit
  • Record of Landing (IMM 1000)
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Retention certificate
  • Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad

Unacceptable documents

The following documents will not be accepted:

  • health card
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) card
  • Firearms Possession and Acquisition (PAL) or Possession-Only (POL) licence
  • PSIS licence
  • Notice of Birth, Notice of Live Birth, Certificate of Registration of Birth
  • Quebec birth certificates pre-dating 1994
  • Canadian Identity card

Find a guarantor

A guarantor is responsible for reviewing the original identification documents you submit with your application to support your identity.

it can be your friend or family member even any one who is temporary resident (student visitor worker etc.)in Canada

The guarantor you choose must be:

  • at least 18 years old
  • accessible by phone
  • someone who has known you personally for at least two years
  • able to confirm basic personal information about you (for example, your name, age, physical description and background)

If you can’t find a guarantor who has known you for at least two years, your guarantor can be any of the following:

  • your employer
  • mayor
  • physician
  • Notary Public
  • police officer
  • principal or teacher of a primary or secondary school
  • professional accountant etc. you can check list for more options in the same link

click on guarantor form in this link 

and open it

if you are not able to open this form  and following error message is on the screen

then you need to download adobe acrobat pro on your laptop or pc

print it and sign where its required the guarantor person also needs to sign it

once you have everything ready click here to apply

choose sign up now if you do not have one key account if you have or once you have it then sign in

please note you can apply Ontario PNP with same one key account click here for more details

once you have one key account please click on any following link for any service you need

you will login page for same service then login

and it will take you to main screen where you will need to upload all required  documents

application and curator form

you will need to pay fee

and once its complete you can check for status of your application in the same account in the profile and activities

once its approved you will get email then you can  can download digital copy in your one key account or by clicking here

once you have a digital copy you can  print it and keep it with you and you can start working immediately

and you will get a plastic card with your photo at your mailing address

it can take unto 8 weeks

any one can ask you for your license when you are on job please make sure to keep it all the times

this whole process can cost you up to 500-700 dollars

thanks for reading 

we also have posted about OINP and G1 TO AZ license and more please check

if this post helped you please leave comment and share it

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