driver’s license G1 to AZ AND ACZ

How to get driver’s license in Canada?

getting a driver’s license is very important you should get it as soon you arrive in Canada

it does not matter that you have car or not driver license also help you to get more job offers

to get driver’s license you have to follow 2 steps every where in Canada

first one is written test 

and another one Is driving test

and now its almost same every where but there are few smaller differences are also there

for example in Ontario if you failed once your written test you can join the line again and do it again

but on the other hand In British Columbia if you failed written test once you have to wait few days to write it again

Already have license from another country?

awesome you can save your time and money

if you already have a driver’s license from counties like United Staes of America , Australia , England, Canada and New Zealand 

then you do not need to worry you can just write a written test and you can get your license converted between these countries even without doing a road test

if you have license from counties like Oman, Dubai, etc.

then you will need to get a letter from embassy of that country (you can find these in Ottawa Canada)to validate your license

you can do it online and have to make payment and you will need to send your original license to them and they will send back it to you with the letter

if you are Indian license holder

you need your license and NOC letter from ministry of trasportaion of state

you can also get it from

please note if you have at least 2 years old license from any country then you need letter to add on your experience

but if you do not have letter then also you can add one year experience

for what you need to add experience and how to get license without any experience ?

IF YOU HAVE any Canadian license you can change it in any province but you have to do written test

because every where is smaller differences in traffic acts for example you can turn right even at red light in Ontario but not in Montreal Quebec but in Laval Quebec yes you can

for today we are going to provide you full information about Ontario driver’ license 

if you are living in Ontario

you need to go for written test first which is called as G1 to write G1?

its very simple

you nee to find nearest drive test centre

then you need to go there

they will collect your personal information and old driver’s license if you have

please make sure you take your passport with you

they will take a photo of you (so you should be ready for first photo of yourself on Canadian ID)

you have to pay fee for the test

G1 have divided into two parts

  1. signs
  2. rules

signs are basic traffic signs include speed limits, construction zone, school zone etc.

in the rules you will need to answers situational questions like

if you see emergency vehicle coming what you should do etc.

both signs and rules are multiple choice questions

if you failed one and passed another

then you just need to do failed one again, not both

usually people fail in rules

if you failed do not wait

just go again in the line  make payment again for rewrite the test

and do it again

to get practice test click here

but pdf you can download by clicking g1

you can also choose language for this test

please choose English language always for test because few questions in Punjabi language are wrong in there system

if you successfully got your G1

they will give print your paper license

and you will get a plastic card in the mailbox

it can take up to 4 weeks

2. what’s next

next is road test

now you can get driving Lessons to pass your road  test

you can get lesson any driving school

or a person who have more than 4  years of driving experience

this experience is indicated with 4 big dots next to license class

as you can see in this picture

so now you have 2 options for road test

3.G2 AND G


if you do not have any previous driver’s license you have to wait 1 year to do g2 road test

if you get a safety certificate from driving school the you can do g2 after 8 months

if you failed G2 then you will need to wait 10 more days to do it again

please note once you get G1  try to book book G2 or G  immediacy because it will save your time

G2 is not full license its restricted license

When driving between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m., G2 drivers aged 19 and under are permitted just one passenger in the car under the age of 20 within the first six months of having your G2 licence. etc

you can do Uber eats , skip the dishes ,door dash and more food delivery jobs if you have G2 license

but you cannot do UBER messenger unless you have full G license

in G2 examiner do not take you to highway for test

once you got successful with  G2

a new paper license will be issued at drive test and plastic one you will get at home in mailbox

with class G2

G class license is consider as a full license

if you do not have any experience and license then to get G you have to wait one year after getting G2

if you have at least 2 years of driving experience added on your g1

then you can give direct G after G1 you do not need to go for G2

it will save your 2 years of time

in ROAD TEST of G examiner take you for highway driving test as well

once you got successful in G

you can do driving jobs and you can drive small trucks also

and your license is not restricted anymore

please note if you DO NOT  have G2 and TAKING TEST FOR G

and failed G then you have to go for G2 and then you can do G

once you got successful with  G

a new paper license will be issued at drive test and plastic one you will get at home in mailbox

with class G


if you wish to upgrade your license

then after G next step is air breaks which is called by GZ

for this you need to find any truce driving school

and you can get it by joining 2 days classes

you have to pay around $150-200 for this

they will give you a certificate you have to take it to driver test to update it on license

then your license’s class will be upgraded to GZ

5. medical

if you wish to get AZ License  which is for big truck and trailer

after getting GZ you need to go for a medical exam

you can find any doctor who is taking truck related medical exams

they will check you eyesight and physical check-up etc.

you need to pay for this

usually they charge around $50

6. ‘A’ written test

A is a written test like G1 but its all about commercial vehicle

all questions will be related to trucks and road signs

for this you have to go drive test again

you must take your Ontario’ driver’s license , medical and air breaks certification if not added yet

click here for practice for A

once you got success in A written

then you have to join a truck driving school if you wish to get AZ

7. AZ

AZ is full commercial vehicle’s license

to get that you need to find a Truck driving school please choose good one

and choose package for unlimited attempts

because it gonna charge you a huge amount

you need to join classes for road safety for MELT training

it will take around a month and half to be fully trained

there are 3 steps of AZ driving test

1 inspections

inspections are very important most of the people fails in inspections because you can do 2 minor or 1 major mistake in this

its verbal examination about all the parts of tractor and trailer

its also includes coupling and uncoupling of trailer etc.

you cannot miss even a single word if you do it will be count as mistake 1

2 driving

driving, checking mirrors and handling situations etc.

are part of drive test you can not do any major mistake on road

3 back up

there is time limit of 10 minutes for back up

you must not touch any sign which is for your back up area and more

there are 3 types of backup

one of them is S

one is L

another is Straight

If you failed in any of inspections, road test or backup its not g1 that you can do failed part again . you have to do whole test again so please try your best to do each and every part we

if you have AZ license of Ontario you can change it just by doing written test in most of provinces but in British Columbia you have to do road test again

please note if you did AZ road test on automatic transmission you are not allowed to drive manual transmission truck in Manitoba but you can drive it Ontario

BUT if you did road test on manual transmission they you can drive both manual and automatic trucks all over North America


8. wish you all the BUS?

if you wish to drive bus its very easy after getting AZ

all you need to do is just written test C click here for practice tests

when you pass it you will get a upgraded licence with class ACZ

you do not need to do any road test for passenger bus

but for School bus you need to do road test

this full process WILL costs you ESTIMATED AMMOUT OF

Original driver’s licence (G1, G2, G)  $90 for each try for road test and almost $17 for rewrite g1

GZ $150


A $20


C $20

ALMOST $6000-7500

its for Ontario but you have to pay more in other provinces

one thing more the MELT training

about earnings and truck jobs and more information please check our site regularly thank you for reading

also we are going to post details about abstract and cvor

if you need to apply for us visa click here

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