apply for visitor visa free

if you already have visitor’s visa and want to stay more than 6 months in Canada click here

if your child or grand child is Canadian citizen or PR  then you can apply for super visa

and then you can stay continuously 2 years in Canada click here to apply

what is Visitor visa for?

visitor visa is for visiting family or friends

if your brother, sister, mother or any family member or friend is currently Living in Canada at any immigration status

they can invite you to visit them its very simple

or if you want to travel to Canada as a tourist then also you need to apply for Visitor visa

you must prepare sop for application statement of purpose (sop) click here for that

or you can apply for your family to visit you from Canada

if you do not have anyone who can sponsor you that’s fine then also you can apply for visitor visa and you do not  need invitation letter for that
you Just need to clear in application what’s purpose of you visit means visiting some one or just travelling

and where you will be stay what’s your plans

Also hotel bookings and sufficient funds etc.

you do not need to create another IRCC account for that just

you need to follow few steps

what documents you need from a sponsor ?

what documents are required from applicant you can see while uploading

but we are giving you extra tips to make your application more strong

1. invitation letter

the person who is inviting you to this visit he/she will provide you invitation letter

it includes their name, full address , job and income details, saving bank funds details, reason for inviting you, and a declaration that you will return back by end of this visit, and they have a owned or rental suitable accommodation for you

this letter also includes the name, passport number and address of the person to whom they are inviting

you can get this letter from any notary they will also stamp it usually they charge $30

if the person who is inviting is currently a student

then he/she will also get an enrolment letter from college

if their studying is going to be finish and they are inviting you to join them on convocation

then they should get a invitation letter from college

2. job letter 

job letter or pay stubs

3. Tax documents

last years tax summary

4. proof of address 

driver’s license or any other id with address

5. bank statement

you can get it online from your online banking

6. Balance certificate

you have to go to bank for this

you will ask them to get your account balance certificate it is includes your name address account balance

and signed or stamped by bank manager

how to apply 

1. first you need cic gc key account

if you don’t have have cic account click here to create one

if you are already register then click here for sign in

then you need to click sign in with gc key

accept terms and conditions and answer security questions if asked

in the section

2.start an application 


apply to come to Canada

then following window will pop up

then choose answers for all questions according to you please check our posted pictures for reference 

visitor visa, study and/or work permit

choose all answers according to you

and please note the next questions will be based on your answers and at the end available options also will be depend on your current answers if you wish to also apply for a family member or spouse with you just choose answers according to that then you have to fill information in the application form and in additional form also you have to upload documents for that person too and have to make payment for each 

and press next or continue every time

then again next

answer it and next

then press next

answer all questions

and if you are applying for your parents or family member you can choose answers according to that

after answering all questions

then it will show that what options do you have 

like you can apply for visitor visa as indicated in picture

please note this is all is depends on your answers


if you want to choose it

press continue

and here you can choose purpose of you visit 

then press next

answer it and press next

choose every answer according to you

and press next

again next

if you want to submit more application for family member such as a child , spouse ,brother or anyone else

choose yes other wise no

if you are applying by your self 

then choose no and press next


next is very important if you are applying on behalf of your parents choose the option which we chosen in the picture

In the past 10 years, have you given your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) for an application to come to Canada?

answer yes/no

There are fees associated with this application. Will you be paying your fees or are you fee exempt?

then choose

I will be paying for application fees or no if some one else will pay for you

Are you able to make a digital copy of your documents with a scanner or camera?

choose yes because you need to get it

then next

Will you be paying your application fees online? 

choose yes


3. it will let you review all your answers and you can also edit any answer if needed

then press continue

then it will show you all steps

and press continue

4.then it will show you all documents you need to upload

and you can simply upload these just by clicking upload

most important in these is application form

make sure you fill all correct information very carefully


to access application form click here

if you are not able to open and following error message is on the screen

then you need to download adobe acrobat pro on your laptop or pc

after uploading all documents

there will be option for payment

and after payment you will be able to submit the application

once you have uploaded documents their will be options to make payment and submit

5. please note ( if you need time to upload or compete few documents please press save/exit button

it will save your application and you can left the screen if you want

all you need to do is

login back into gc key account

and it will showing your application just press  continue)

6. you will get your confirmation in your email that you have submitted application

processing time can be up 90 days or longer due to covid-19 and high applications volume

once you have submitted you have completed your responsibility

you are all set

Canadian immigration services may contact you if they need any additional information

once its approved  you will get email confirmation in your cic gc key account

once its approved they will send you a letter in the cic account for passport request 

on that letter there will be all information that how you can send your passport

they will stamp a visa on your passport

for more information about visa stamp please click here

thank you for reading if this post helped you please leave comment and share







29 thoughts on “apply for visitor visa free”

    • Yes of course
      You can do it from here
      You need to fill answer yes you are applying on their behalf
      Usually when you go to a lawyer or consultant they also do the same
      Once it’s approved they can simply apply for visa stamp from India
      Please try to do it if any concerns contact us anytime we will be happy to help thank you please support us

  1. Hi guyz are really a great help .. Thanku and For passport upload we need to upload full passport scanned copies and for finacial support documents from both sides required .. ?

    • It’s great if you upload all pages of passport but you donot need to upload backside but the They ask you to upload both sides of study or roti permit if they donot ask then only one side is perfect

  2. Hi it’s very useful thank you for doing this great work . I have question I want to apply for my parents and elder brother can I apply on my behalf. And when am putting all info such a s financial and address and pay stubs it’s is of me or my parents and brother? Am confused.

    • yes you can do that if its ask for sign the forms like family information form you can fill the form and send it to them and then can send back and you can upload and finical documents you need from both sides if they do not have anything like this then you just can upload j farms if they are in the agriculture business or simply they can write on stamp paper that this is our source of income and annual income details but I recommend you do not apply for elder brother yet first apply for parents and younger brother or sister

      • Thanks for the information above. It is viral everywhere that who is in Canada can apply for their sibling as now it is processing very fast. My brother is married and have kids I want to apply for my parents and brother together it seems become difficult if am gonna apply only for my brother. Please tell me may I go with it or first just apply for my parents?

  3. It’s really helpful. I wanna apply for my mother only but land papers and house paper are under my dad’s name so which document my dad has to sign which I can use as a proof that my mother has belongings in India. Last time she gets refusal and they give reason that she is not going back . One more question my son’s first birthday is coming in march 2022 so I can apply now or should I wait. I wanna give reason about his birthday and can you please show us the format of invitation letter also. Highly appreciated

    • They give the same reason to everyone your mother can show funds in her bank account for travel expenses and that statement you can use and you can apply anytime it’s good if you do now because processing times are longer now

  4. Hi.I am PR in Canada.I want to apply visitor visa for my brother and his wife. My main question is for proof of relationship wht documents i can use fr tht and for the financial support i will be taking care of all their expenses still then i need bank statements from them too? What about upfront medical do they need to get it done before i submit their application?I would really appreciate if you could provide me the format of invitation letter.


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