apply for TRV visa stamp for free

you can apply for your spouse in the same application add application form in additional documents for your spouse if need to apply for that
what is visa stamp and why do you need it

so in simple language visa stamp is a sticker stamped by Canadian immigration on your passport with all details

like validity of visa current immigration status and your name  etc. you can check picture below the heading for more reference

all visa stamps looks same just difference is the status and visa categories written on stamp

if you are applying as permanent CANADIAN RESIDENT it will  written immigrant

and if you are temporary visa holder

it will written as student, visitor or worker .

it depends on what’s your immigration status is

1. why do you need it

it stamped on your passport means its very important for travel

even you are approved to come to Canada.

then also you have to get visa stamped on your passport before boarding a flight

even if you are already in Canada and you have changed your immigration status from visitor to worker ,or student to worker ,or any kind of TRV(temporary resident visa ) to immigrant (permanent resident visa)

then also you must apply for new visa stamp

if you were student and now on work permit then also you need visa stamped on your passport before  entering  back in the Canada

if you don’t have visa you can not enter back into Canada

yes you can leave Canada at anytime if in the case of emergency you do not have visa and need to leave country

don’t worry you can get your visa stamp from any country

you must take your Canadian id, work or study permit. if you are student then also keep full-time enrolment letter from college it will help you to answer all immigration questions and also you will be need these things when you will be applying for visa stamp

2.ok now how you can apply

you will need cic gc key account

if you do not have click here to register for free

if you are already register then click here for sign in

3.then you need to click sign in with gc key

accept terms and conditions and answer security questions if asked

in the section

start an application 


apply to come to Canada

then following window will pop up

then choose

visitor visa, study and/or work permit

choose all answers according to you

and please note the next questions will be based on your answers and at the end available options also will be depend on your current answers if you wish to also apply for a family member or spouse with you just choose answers according to that then you have to fill information in the application form and in additional form also you have to upload documents for that person too and have to make payment for each 

and press next or continue every time

then again next

answer it and next

answer criminal record question

and press next

then answer medical examination question

and press next

4. according to my answers I got two options

it depends on your answers what do you get

but its very simple do correct answer to every question

then choose temporary resident visa

then it will give you a review window you can

review and edit your answers if needed

again press continue

choose continue

5.then it will ask you to upload all documents and application form,

its written on the form that’s application form made outside of Canada

don’t worry about that it doesn’t matter because we did answer that we are currently living in Canada

then also its showing us same form because there is no difference in the application form for in side Canada or out side Canada

JUST FILL THIS FORM and upload documents

please upload optional documents if you are also applying for family member 

to access application form click here

if you are not able to open and following error message is on the screen

then you need to download adobe acrobat pro on your laptop or pc

after uploading all documents

there will be option for payment

and after payment you will be able to submit the application

6. please note ( if you need time to upload or compete few documents please press save/exit button

it will save your application and you can left the screen if you want

all you need to do is

login back into gc key account

and it will showing your application just press  continue)

7. you will get your confirmation in your email that you have submitted application

processing time can be up 90 days or longer due to covid-19 and high applications volume

once you have submitted you have completed your responsibility

you are all set

Canadian immigration services may contact you if they need any additional information

once its approved  you will get email confirmation in your cic gc key account

once its approved they will send you a letter in the cic account for passport request 

on that letter there will be all information that how you can send your passport

and what do you need to send with your passport 

for example they can ask you to send copy of your work-permit or study permit 

and driver’s license as proof of address etc.

and returning envelope 

once they received it and approved it you will be notified with approved in cic account


they will stamp a visa on your passport and send back to you

if you need urgent visa stamp you can submit a web form for that click here

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