Apply for Bridging open work permit

Bridging open work permit (BOWP)

BOWP is a open work permit for applicants who have submitted their PR application

you can apply for this if you have submitted application in any of the following streams

for today we are going to give you details how you can apply for a work BOWP  by your self

1. first you need cic GCKEY account and need to sign in here

2. after sign in you gonna click on apply to come to Canada

then choose


I do not have a Personal Reference Code

Determine your eligibility and apply online:

visitor visa, study and/or work permit

2. so you need to  click visitor visa, study and/or work permit in this window

 (please note next questions will be according to your answers we are giving you these photos just to give you an idea and at the end also the available options will be according to your answers

if need you also need to apply for for your spouse then choose answers according to that and at the end you can fill application Form and you can pay fees for both applications in the same account )

if you are already in Canada

then country of residence will be Canada in the answer

press next

and next

then next

if you are currently on work permit  then choose worker

otherwise choose what ever your current status is

choose carefully according to you
then press next
and you will see these options according to your answers
please choose option for open work permit and press continue
and again press continue
choose yes if you are also applying for family member as well for example spouse
otherwise choose no

Have you had a medical exam performed by an IRCC authorized panel physician (doctor) within the last 12 months?


next question will be

press next



Are you giving someone access to your application?

if you are applying by using your cic gc key account

choose no

press next

In the past 10 years, have you given your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) for an application to come to Canada?

choose yes/no

press next

There are fees associated with this application. Will you be paying your fees or are you fee exempt?

choose yes if you are paying fees for this application by your self

press next

Are you able to make a digital copy of your documents with a scanner or camera?

press yes

press next

Will you be paying your application fees online?  To pay online, you can use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, China Union Pay) or a debit card (Visa Debit, Debit MasterCard or Interac).

choose yes

press next

5.then you can review you answers and modify if needed

then press continue

and you will see all 4 steps to complete your application

6.just press continue

please note you must attach your AOR of permanent residency you can attach it in additional documents

it will show you upload option for  all required documents and application for you need to upload

you need to scan all required documents

such as


digital photo of your self

and supporting additional  documents (if applicable)

also you need to scan that

7. and application form you need to fill and validate in adobe just simply clicking validate after fill the form

then upload all required documents

and Application form

to access Application form click here

if you are not able to open this form  and following error message is on the screen

then you need to download adobe acrobat pro on your laptop or pc

after uploading all documents

there will be option for payment

8.and after payment you will be able to submit the application

please note( if you need time to upload or compete few documents please press save/exit button

it will save your application and you can left the screen if you want

all you need to do is

login back into gc key account

and it will showing your application just press  continue)

9. you will get your confirmation in your email that you have submitted application

processing time can be up 90 days or longer due to covid-19 and high applications volume

once you have submitted you have completed your responsibility

you are all set

Canadian immigration services may contact you if they need any additional information

once its approved  you will get email confirmation in your cic gc key account

and a paper WORK PERMIT will be in the mailbox within 15 days

please note your SIN  also expires on the same day when your study or work permit expires

so make sure to renew your SIN BY clicking here

after 2 or 3 days you will get a letter in email that will show you are eligible for work until we make any decision on your file

so you can start work immediately after receiving  that letter

 and wait for results




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